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The Taiwan M&A and Private Equity Council (MAPECT) is a non-profit organization that is dedicated towards promoting cross-strait investment activities by enhancing better industry-government relations, building an optimized regulatory framework for M&A and private equity deal-making, and leveraging resources provided by major private equity firms in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. We currently have a network of over 90 members that come from highly regarded companies in the M&A and PE industry, as well as law and accounting firms.

By becoming a member of MAPECT, you will have access to exclusive benefits and services detailed below:

Shaping Government Policy

MAPECT is the leading public policy advocate for Taiwan’s M&A and Private Equity industry, providing professional advice to the government on behalf of our members in order to nurture better mutual understanding. In this process, we strive to look out and protect our members’ lawful business rights and interests. By joining MAPECT, you too can have your voice heard as we help shape government policies.

Business Networking

MAPECT is a valuable resource in exchanging business development information and ideas, connecting industry leaders through our many events and conferences. Our members, who work in the financial, government, and academic sectors, often discuss viewpoints and foster relationships with one another with MAPECT as an open information medium.

Cross-strait Networking

MAPECT is dedicated to increasing cross-strait economic and financial cooperation, welcoming all Chinese and foreign M&A and PE industry experts to join in our panel discussions and networking events. In addition, our members can also participate in conferences and summits organized by our Chinese counterparts, increasing mainland networking ties and investment opportunities.

Research and Publications

MAPECT actively gathers and publishes annual book which includes the latest industry statistics and research, which is easily accessible and free of charge to our members.

Membership Discounts

MAPECT offers our members exclusive discounts to our activities, M&A and PE industry events, and various publications.

Public Relations

MAPECT can help our members increase its media exposure as a networking and marketing medium. MAPECT’s ties with the global M&A and PE network can help facilitate introductions and cultivate relationships, as well as help our members gain access to media outlets.

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