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Council Committee Structure

Council Committee Structure

Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee’s main focus is to ensure MAPECT is meeting the needs and wishes of its members, overseeing the administration, coordinating with the members and other Committees, supervising business matters, and organizing events and conferences. The Executive Committee is integral to MAPECT running smoothly and to the maintaining the Council’s reputation within the industry and government.

Accounting and Finance Committee:

The Accounting and Finance Committee is responsible for providing adequate resources for MAPECT members pertaining to matters within the accounting and finance industry, including taxation, property and asset prices, banking services, and other fields within these sectors. They develop both domestic and international accounting best standards for M&A and PE transactions, as well as represent MAPECT in all types of finance and accounting conferences. The Accounting and Finance Committee also researches and provides consulting for the government on certain topics while holding MAPECT membership’s interests and rights in mind.

Academic Research Committee:

The Academic Research Committee is active in all arenas related to research and education within the M&A and PE industries. They research and investigate published international papers to provide the membership the latest information. To promote free information exchange, the Committee also provides training and education opportunities for professionals for relevant topics in the M&A and PE industry. They are also responsible for publishing MAPECT’s annual M&A and PE periodical.

Policy and Regulation Committee:

The Policy and Regulation Committee is responsible for maintaining the membership’s rights and interests in the governmental legislative arena. The Committee researches and investigates domestic and international policies and regulations in regards to M&A and PE transactions and procedures. In addition, they provide ideas and opinions as a consulting body to the government, working on industry proposals and drafts to related policies. The Committee represents MAPECT in all types of policy conferences and also conducts classes and other educational opportunities to the membership in regards to current industry regulations. In addition, if a member encounters a lawsuit or wishes to press a case in court, the Committee can help settle and resolve the dispute.

Cross-strait Committee

The Cross-strait Committee works on coordinating, connecting, and strengthening bilateral cooperation between China and Taiwan in order to increase M&A and PE activity and information exchange, while aiding the interests of the Taiwanese market and MAPECT membership. The Committee investigates the growth and feasibility of China’s M&A and PE market and invites prominent Chinese leaders in the industry to hold seminars and discussions. The Cross-strait Committee participates in Chinese M&A and PE conferences, facilitating further business exchange between the two regions.

International Cooperation Committee

The International Cooperation Committee reaches out to other international M&A and PE associations to create for partnership opportunities. They also observe and investigate global trends and industry activity for conferences and forums, gathering international M&A and PE documents, papers, and other materials in order to facilitate international interest in Taiwan.

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