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MAPECT's History and Mission Statement

Taiwan M&A and Private Equity Council (MAPECT), a non-profit organization, was established in Taipei on September 29th, 2009 by more than 90 industry professionals who recognized that Taiwan needed a dedicated organization solely devoted towards promoting M&A and private equity. MAPECT is an exclusive high-level advocacy platform dedicated towards promoting cross-strait investment activities by enhancing better industry-government relations, building an optimized regulatory framework for M&A and private equity deal-making, and leveraging resources provided by major private equity firms in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. Our members include the Taiwan Stock Exchange, the Taiwan Insurance Institute, Credit Agricole, Citigroup, Deloitte & Touche, and other many other highly respected financial and private equity industry companies, as well as legal services and accounting firms.

MAPECT’s mission is to facilitate cross-strait M&A and private equity activities and to offer its unique services to the global market. Our mandate to serve our clients as an “official” go-between the industry, government, and general public is why MAPECT is able to advance our membership’s interests as an effective advocacy platform.

The main objectives of the Council are:

  1. To undertake public policy activities and maintain a continuous dialogue with policy institutions and regulatory bodies in Taiwan and Greater China.
  2.  To develop professional standards and best practices guidelines across the industry.
  3.  To hold regular networking events with leading practitioners and industry participants from Greater China.
  4. To conduct industry research on M&A and PE activities.
  5. To promote and cultivate better cooperative relationships with the public.

China has emerged as a leading world market force after the 2008 financial crisis, and in turn, Taiwan is now in an excellent position to reap significant economic benefits due to closer cross-strait relationships forged by recent ECFA and MOU financial and trade agreements.  We expect that this expanded economic cooperation between China and Taiwan will lead to a significant increase in M&A and private equity investment activities in Taiwan.

Taiwan is uniquely positioned to become Asia’s industrial hub as the primary conduit into Mainland China, thereby offering unique M&A and private equity deal opportunities. Taiwan is touted to be one of the best investment ideas for the coming decade, offering strong technology and financial sectors, world class companies and workforces, growing access to the China market, and reasonably priced company valuations. In addition, there is an urgent need for Taiwan to restructure its industries (i.e. DRAM sector), strengthen integration with global distribution networks, move up the value chain, and achieve greater economies of scale. MAPECT is here to help its membership and the M&A and PE industry unlock unprecedented opportunities as the acceleration of cross-strait economic integration continues to stimulate cooperative investments between Taiwan and China.

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